Slovenian-British Ocean Rowing Expedition

We already see the island!

When I write this blog, we are only 20Nm from target, compared with the already defeated 2580 is this piece of cake. Just few minutes ago we have saw the the island, black spot on the horizon. I just turn on my mobile phone and received a lot of greetings messages.

We're not at the end yet, but we're realy close. I can't beleive that this is the end, the end of happiness and effort that we have lived last 45 days.

We have a great time, we have become and remain friends, we have experienced a lot and Im shure that we have live in fairy tale.

In 6 or 7 hours my dreams, which started three years ago, will get an epilogue. With this I'll end one chapter, which will certainly have consequences on my future.

Athmosphere on boat is now thoughtfully, you can see on everyone face that ruminating on past events and I swear, is seems to me, that we are a little bit sorry that we conclude this adventure. I'll not be surprised if we'll cry.

Although I am writing this, but we're all grateful from our hearts. Thank you for following us, for sending us messages and helping humanitarian organizations, that we love. Thank you all!

Thanks to all the sponsors for enabled us to realise our wish!

Even though we'll arrive in Port St. Charels around one o'clock am, we'll have to spend the night on the boat at the marina entrance. Until tomorrow morning, around 9 am ( 14 in Slovenian time ) we'll get our papers and we'll be let into the country. We're not shure yet, that we'll convince them to give us just a little bit of fresh food!



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