Slovenian-British Ocean Rowing Expedition

You know its time to finish when...

The pink pills are runnin out, you are able to reply to the question "ten minutes are you awake" with yes even though you are asleep, all of the orange meals are gone, the days blur into a fuzzy haze of 2 hour shifts and when you have a rubber glove on your left hand to keep a sliced thumb dry.

Last night was our windiest night shift with strong squally showers lifting sheets of spray into our faces as it blew us straight to Barbados.  We had our biggest distance day of 73Nm due to this helping hand.  As a result we are now looking at an earlier arrival of Sunday night. The down side to this added speed is my thumb. We had our last oar gate break during one of the squals and so when Steve came to take over I held the oar out of the water while he tied the oar in place. As we were doing this a wave came and the oar caught the water and thrust my thumb into the slider for the seat and made a real mess of it. Al was  promoted to medic as I was in no state to patch it up. He had a vested interest as if he did a good job I could carry on rowing at some point. He used steri strips (sticky strips instead of stiches)  and made a very neat job. I have just finished a 2 hour shift after 6 hours off letting it settle and it seems ok to get me to dry land.  

I think this is the perfect time to remind people that I am not doing this for fun! I am doing this in memory of my brother Mark whom died from Leukaemia aged 13. I would be so happy to see us reach our target for Leukaemia research.  Please forward this onto anyone that it may be of interest to and help us reach the target on the just giving page.  

Simon and the Tusmobil team


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