Slovenian-British Ocean Rowing Expedition


  • Will you also bring water for 60 days?


    No, instead of 2000 liters of water we will carry a Schenker SMART 30 watermaker that will produce potable water out of sea water. The SMART 30 has an energy recovery system that removes the need for high pressure pumps, which were traditionally used. The Schenker watermaker uses low pressure pumps to bring water into the watermaker where it is hydraulically increased 10 times. The high pressure pushes seawater through a membrane thus mechanically removing the salt. This system is called reverse osmosis.

  • How will you go to the toilet?


    We will use the tried and tested “bucket and chuck it” system. There are only two places on the boat to position the bucket, just in front of the two rowing positions. I guess we won’t sit there for hours on end.

  • What will you eat? Space food and pills?

    We will have to take all our food for 60 days with us when leaving the Canaries islands. Normal everyday food is too heavy, so we will be eating dehydrated meals Bioboom. The only difference form the usual food is that, as the name suggest, the dehydrated meals are without water, which means that they are much lighter. We will be burning 8 000 kCal/day, so we will be eating lots of bars, chocolate and especially dried fruit and nuts Odlicno, which are a very good source of fat.


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