Slovenian-British Ocean Rowing Expedition

Another day in paradise

We all met under the shade of the breakfast bar on the edge of the beach outside our apartment. We raised for another morning eating huge pancakes, drinking coffee and tea chatting while the wind blew to keep us cool and we were in the shade from the sun. This is what breakfast should be like on a tropical island. It is incredible how much food we are eating as out bodies are taking advantage of the unlimited supply of all the things are craving. 


After another 2.5hrs of breakfast we had just enough time to sort the left over food from the boat before we started into lunch. A delicious meal of chicken or tuna steaks, potato salad and pasta. While eating we were engulfed by a very familiar mini tropical storm. 


At 630pm Mood (owner of the Ocean Spray apartments) invited us to come to a little rum punch party at his apartment, we were joined by Sara Venabols (who has been our Barados contact) and CBC film crew. We had a very funning and slightly bizarre interview with lots of laughs and giggling (we were definitely assisted by the rub punch). 


After lots of talk about the surfing and windsurfing we are going to do in the morning it was time for another lovely long sleep, undisturbed by call of 2 hour shifts. 


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